Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Floating Car

Who says only James Bond and superheroes from the Justice League can have cars that float on water? Apparently this man proved them wrong. A closer look at the man sailing in the river near Quezon Avenue would reveal that he is using a car’s hood to cross to his home. It’s a man’s improvised conveyance in an urban environ of slum dwellings where simple things matter a lot.

Bulatlat Photo of the Week

No Shield from the Storm

Generally, having an umbrella is assurance enough that one would not risk catching a fever or, at least, a cold by getting wet in the rain. There are, however, extreme cases where it turns out to be better to have not brought umbrellas at all as one would get wet anyway. The super-typhoon “Milenyo” which hit Luzon last week, for instance, was of such violence as to fell even decades-old trees and gigantic billboards. These ladies’ umbrellas were no match for the storm’s fury and they ended up getting drenched in the storm.

Bulatlat Photo of the Week