Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Genuine Protection for Migrant Workers!

Scrap amendments to the TFW program

We, in Migrante Alberta Chapter in Canada, join the Coalition for Change, a broad community organization representing a diverse cross section of national, regional, and local organizations fighting for migrant workers rights, in its campaign for the scrapping of the proposed amendments to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The regulatory changes would limit migrant workers’ time in Canada to four years and bar them from reentering Canada for the next six years.

It is undeniable that migrant workers have been and are among the significant pillars in building a nation, be it a superpower like Canada. In this light, it is only just to give the rights due them. In order to do this, we call for genuine laws or changes to Canada`s laws that genuinely address the issues of temporary foreign workers.

Thus, we echo the calls of the Coalition for Change:

``Real protection means enforcing standards on employers and agencies hiring migrant workers.
Real protection means allowing migrant workers to bargain collectively, with full coverage under labour legislation.
Real protection means access to citizenship benefits and responsibilities.
Real protection means permanent residence on arrival.
Real protection means regularization for all.
Real protection means prohibiting fees migrant workers are forced to pay to find work, a fair appeals process for repatriations and an end to deportation.``

Thus, we call for the scrapping of the said amendments to the TFW program.#

Dec. 2, 2009


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